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If you must have a skinner

Posted Mar 23 2013 8:21am

I’ll never have a criminal.  I just cannot take a position Runescape Gold their playstyle.  It’s the same factor that keeps me from stabilizing a DK previous the mid-sixties.  Having to hang on for your power to develop returning up, with no way to definitely assemble it up yourself, is just not fun.  I equalized a criminal to 20 once, and there he sat for decades until I RAF’d him up to level 60 so that my husband could use him to village lockboxes for the Insane headline.  Now he’s just getting up area, still seated in his low 60s, because neither of us can take a position to perform him for more than one battle.  I equalized a group DK to 82 so my husband could village her for PvP tokens and achievements, and then gladly deleted her.

If you must have a skinner, I’d suggest a hunter. If you are Partnership, go Worgen for the super-fast skinning national. Not only are predators incredibly fun to perform, their long-range taking ability and fast eliminating capabilities cannot be overlooked.  You can misdirect a lot of enemies to your pet and just keep mowing them down until the heap would make Hemet Nessingwary jealous. Also, as a hunter, coupling your skinning with Leatherworking is a no-brainer; you will be able to make your own equipment and offer leg armors.  If you have already got a leatherworker, then go Alchemy for your second profession – you can never have too many Alchemy transmute cooldowns at your convenience.
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