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If I took 1 mg ativan will it show up in a urinalysis 36 hours later?

Posted by consumeree

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Ian Health Maven

It may do, depending on how quickly you metabolize the drug and how sensitive the test is. The half-life of Ativan (lorazepam) is between 9 and 16 hours. So in the worst case, after 36 hours there may still be slightly less than a quarter of the last dose taken in your system, plus small amounts of any doses taken in the preceding day or two. OTOH, if you're a fast metabolizer (i.e. 9 hours), then your system would have only about 1/16th of the last dose plus minute residues of previous doses.


I take 1.0mg on an as needed basis. I like it that it doesn't give me a hang over and it is short acting for me- usually lasts 4 hours. Klonopin works the same but is longer lasting and a little stronger. Visit my 
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