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if i go to the doctor and tell them about my panic and anxiety disorder will it be on record and when i go to apply for a job wi

Posted by just-breathe

I have been suffering from anxiety for a few years now, i have panic attacks and they are getting worse to the point were i cannot even go and visit my own grandmother, its ruining my life, its affecting my degree and i just want the old me back. I have a good husband and 3 beautiful children i am coming to the end of my degree now and been absent a lot because i have panic attacks and bad anxiety. It takes me all day to get out of my house and its getting worse, i cant even answer my front door i start sweating and shaking and feel like crying i get so freightened for nothing. My heart races at the thought of bumping into someone i know or someone knocking at the door, i hate this so much i used to be so outgoing. please help i dont want to go to the doctors because i dont want any type of deppression or disorder on my record in case it will stop me from getting a job in future when i finish my degree, but this is so bad now i really need help i dont want to tell anyone not even my husband and even he is going to think i am just weird : (       pls help

Thank you in advance.

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Ian Health Maven

Doctors generally cannot disclose your medical records to employers without your consent, just-breathe. The exception may be for some government jobs. About 25-30% of the population will develop an anxiety disorder and/or depression at some time during their life, so quite a few of your future co-workers will probably be battling one of these disorders, including possibly your boss. However, this may be a moot point as from your description you may find it difficult getting a job.

Unfortunately, anxiety disorders often don't resolve on their own and the longer you've been anxious the less likely recovery becomes without treatment. You don't need to suffer like this, just-breathe. Both medication and therapy are effective and should enable you to lead a full and active life. However, you need to take the first step. If you don't wish to involve your doctor, perhaps the college you're studying at will be able to help. Many now offer anxiety/depression treatment to students because it is such a common problem.

Best wishes


Hi Ian,

Thank you very much, that helps a lot. I think i will book an appointment with the doctor tomorrow

Thanks again 

Regards Clare

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