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Ibrahimovic joined the modern primary diva, grab number not hesitate to eradicate his teammates about the 10th

Posted Jul 31 2012 6:37am
Ibrahimovic to get the No. 10 jersey, and that is obvious on the diva. No. 10 jersey just isn't empty, but people have been wearing. Nene, as expected, refused to consider off.

Club Ibrahimovic jersey around the 8th and also 9th, which is Abajo and Luyindula give the numbers out, from this level on, Paris Saint-Germain Ibrahimovic expressed enough attention. Can both these numbers, Ibrahimovic is simply not interested.

He confessed in the No. 10 jersey, which is corresponding to number to grant their own personal forces within. When compared to the Abajo and Luyindula, position while in the inner Saint-Germain will not be really easy to generally be shaken. More than history two seasons, the Brazilian has become a 2010 top offense of one's club. Even Qatar, the consortium took over, heavily inside introduction of Pastore and various new aid after the attack in the data or perhaps the first in your team. Last season, Nene with 21 goals and Montpellier Giroux tied French Golden Boot Pastore and Jiamei Luo, are behind in assists some of the forefront on the league.

Nene's present situation is a touch of embarrassed. As a result of arrival of more big-name striker, the central position in Saint-Germain was even greater impact. Moreover, the entire year he together with the club's contract provided the club is able that will put his jersey number to Ibrahimovic, tantamount to admitting that not need him.

Currently, the club, such as Russian ultra-inward throughout the stretched out an olive branch. Position prior to an Saint-Germain, general manager of Leonardo is any indication, we've not yet decided the amount of (Ibrahim), which require to hang about until another player to go away. "

Since Abajo wanted to permit numbers, Luyindula has extended his contract, Leonardo mouth "another player" Nene it? Around the participants do themselves not require to recover from. Paris Saint-Germain, the ultra-modern season, promising to win the long absence, the French champions, and may even make any difference while in the Champions League.

Nene is not going to go, the club rarely is in the absolutely no. 10 jersey to just make move to Ibrahimovic. This really is likely to exit forcing the Nene, together fire up the discontent of one's locker room Ibrahimovic Originally, the Swede's salary is a lot higher than his teammates.

The hottest news may club pay off the attitude of hope Ibrahimovic discover the remaining numbers: No. 18, 21 and 29. Ibrahimovic almost certainly wear jersey No. 18.By Caiping 07.31.2012

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