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I was just wondering if having severe anxiety & lots of stress in your life can cause your blood pressure to rise even while on

Posted by Mary43

I know that blood pressure can fluctuate during the day, and I know that smoking and drinking obsessive amounts of caffiene can affect a persons blood pressure. I just am sick of worrying that something is majorly wrong w/me because mine goes up some even while I am on Lopressor.
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How Stress Impacts the Body's Hormones

We are programmed to  react to stressful situations by releasing cortisol. It’s a crucial hormone that's secreted by the adrenal glands. It’s a hormone that regulates blood pressure, insulin, glucose metabolism, and inflammatory response. 

Cortisol is secreted during the ‘fight or flight’ reaction that evolved in humans to keep us alive when large animals were running after us as cavemen. But today  a stressful job makes us feel like a lion is running after us 40 hours a week. 

When cortisol is released it produces a quick burst of energy along with a lower sensitivity to pain. In caveman times the release of cortisol was replaced by a relaxation response so that cortisol wasn’t constantly flowing through the body. Too much cortisol for prolonged periods of time creates a slew of side effects like high blood pressure and lowered immunity. Stress can also lead to heart attacks, abdominal fat, strokes, and so much more. 

Different Hormones Released From Different People

Different hormones are released in different people. Cortisol isn’t always released. It’s also about how you respond to stress. When a stressful situation happens how do you react? Do you react by perceiving the stressor as a challenge and therefore wanting to take control? If this is the case, then norepinephrine, the fight hormone is released. If you react by feeling a loss of control then epinephrine, the flight/anxiety hormone is released. Those who feel challenged by stressful situations tend to be healthier.

On the other hand, when stress makes us feel hopeless, the hypothalamus in the brain is activated. It's this reaction that finally signals the release of cortisol. 

Ian Health Maven

Yes, anxiety and stress can increase blood pressure, even when taking BP lowering drugs.

Both can also be at least as hazardous to your health as cardiovascular disease, so if you are not being treated for these I urge you to seek advice from your doctor on the best way of reducing your stress and anxiety.

Best wishes


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