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i m feeling too much cold these days..sum time heart start pounding...respiration is ok...

Posted by khan

age 25



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Ian Health Maven

There isn't enough information to draw a conclusion, Khan.

In some cultures feeling cold can be a primary symptom of anxiety. As is a "pounding" heart in most cultures. If the weather is not cold but you feel cold then anxiety is a possible explanation. However, there are purely physical illnesses that may also produce these symptoms. I recommend you consult a doctor to determine the cause of your symptoms.

Best wishes


i did ecg and blood test but its normal.

sodium: 139.2mmol/lit



Ian Health Maven

Anxiety disorders often get diagnosed when all the standard medical tests prove negative on a physical cause for a patient's symptoms and anxiety diagnostic tests point to a anxiety condition, Khan.

It appears that heart and blood testing has failed to determine a physical cause. Has your doctor discussed the possibility that your symptoms are due to anxiety and recommended a treatment?


Thanks alot for ur kind help

nope they didt said sumthing...they said that it might b caz of too much smoking...but latr i was feeling normal so i didt inquire about it :-s

but aftr that day not regularly but this was 2nd time 2day that i was feeling in the morning that i m going 2 b faint,it hapen 3 or 4 time for not more then 5 mints time...may b it is caz of weakness ...i m not geting wat exectly is hapning wid me but sir i m really scared :(

i didt get ny serius disease b4 ... 

Ian Health Maven

I think you need to ask the doctor to explore the possibility that your symptoms are anxiety related.

As one of the few people that survives lung cancer for more than a few months, I strongly urge you to quit smoking. Lung cancer is not a pleasant disease. Treatment is often very painful and it is not a great way to die. Your chance of still being alive 5 years after diagnosis is only about 12%. Smoking also does not reduce anxiety as some claim, it actually makes it worse.

Best wishes


just one more weight is 70 kg nd m 6 feet long

my friend is saying that its just caz of my physical health that i m not taking propr food nd sleep these days..n i shoud start sum vitamins tablets...

will u sugest me to start sum vit tab?? 

Ian Health Maven

I suggest you start eating good food first, Khan. That will do you far more good than taking vitamins and is likely to be cheaper too.


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