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I love Panic Attacks?

Posted Jul 21 2010 5:54pm

So my partner and I have been searching all over for some way to help me relax, prepare myself, and release the panic attacks.  We came across this young gentlemen in Belgium named Geert.  He has a web site  and We ordered the CD's.  He suffered from Anxiety and panic attacks as far back as 9 or 10 years of age.  So I have been listening to the CDs and am amazed at the truth behind it all.  He did say that it might not work with everyone, as some things do not.  But it is working with me.  He gave me 6 steps to follow.. and they are working...

1. Say to yourself that it is ok that this happening, that I am having an attack, and pinpoint what is causing it.  And give myself permission to let it happen.  Dont fight it.

2. Breathe in through nose and out through mouth slowly, using Stomach.   And know that it is normal for the heart to be pounding, You are not having a heart attack.  Just calmly breathe, it will slow in a few minutes.

3. Positive Internal Dialouge.. Or friend method (what would you say to your friend if they were having a panic attack) "I am ok, This is going to pass, I know its not a heart attack, because I have had this before.  Just breathe, and remain calm. 

4. All though its a scary situation.. JOKE about it, Humor is the opposite of Anxiety..  Some of us experience Vertigo or dizziness, and fall.. laugh about it.  Dont care what others are thinking.  Or say to yourself, ok now heart is pounding wonder why it doesnt do this around my significant other. Make a joke.

5. Because we also feel very light headed and feel as though we are floating.  Start a Visualization of floating past.  be calm and relaxed and float past the fear.

6. If possible use the adrenaline.. Get up and dance, sing, jump around.  If you are in a supermarket. and the attack hits, wait till you get outside.  And take a brisk walk.  use the adrenaline, so that the endorphines will kick in.  If still jittery afterwards, accept it.  its ok.

I have followed these, and am reprograming my brain to follow these 6 simple steps and it seems to be helping me a lot!  Also what is helping is the Accepting of it, and not fighting it.  It is going to pass, I am not gonna die.

All though it certainly seems like it at times.

he also, gave me a homework assignment...

1. Eliminate- Caffeine, MSG, and Aspertame.  As they all are key figures in anxiety.. and with me one of my goals on here is to stop Soda.. which has been an extreme task. 

2. Move, exercise, 20 min walk.  Okay I live in the desert and it is so hot here, that I go to the gym and walk the tredmill for 20 minutes only 3 days a week. 

3. I am keeping a journal of my experiences. Not just on here but on paper.  So that I can look back and see what i can or cannot do to help myself.

Now... Geert is not a Doctor. He doesnt claim to be anything but an ordinary guy.  But he has helped thousands of people.  I am not trying to get someone to follow him.  I am just telling my story and my experience.  I too am not a dr.  but I am a nurse.  And have worked with elderly, and mentally disabled for almost 20 years. And medically speaking, I wouldnt try anything unless I believed in it.  And I think that is a key factor in anything that we try or do.  It isnt going to work, if you dont have the belief in it, or the faith in it that it will. 

And to be honest, I don't want to JUST live with this. I want to fight it.

Best Regards,


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