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I have very modest experience with soldering

Posted Nov 28 2012 3:26am
the from Leading-Tech Laser Diode company will be an ideal laser source for demanding analytical applications such as super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, cellphone sorting and particle analysis. The LTL-473S series blue DPSS light beam from Leading-Tech Laser is manufactured under hermetically sealed and ultra-robust system, which enable the whole laser system could be operated with varying environmental conditions.
When wildlife becomes a source of peril to aircraft, immediate remedial techniques need to be used. Researchers in this field are focusing on developing and testing tools to actively harass and even disperse problem species… One example of a promising technique is use of lasers. Various types of eye-safe lasers are being investigated, and preliminary tests have indicated that these are effective at dispersing Canada Geese at sundown and dawn. Other dispersion techniques that have been tested and evaluated by the FAA include use of strobe lights, noise makers, and microwaves
I have very modest experience with soldering and building electronics, but i was allowed to follow the instructions very easily. I Green Laser Pointers the parts on ebay and quickly wired everything together in that mint tin. I would have been done by now and had pictures and videos of it working, but the tiny little diode (which is expensive) burned out when i tested it. I was stupid in not checking the voltage which been 20v coming from an adjustable transformer set to 4. 5v (i noticed out later that the transformer was broken, that would have been completely nice to know before i tested it haha). may possibly some pictures of it wired up and ill post various later, until then I'm going to order another diode and hopefully get it working in two to three weeks!
I'm assuming you are wanting to use the infamous 1W 445 diodes? Those lasers have a very very horrible output, it's a line more than a round of golf dot. The only real way to fix it is with cylindrical lenses as well as a prism set, but both will have a bit of losses putting you Bule Laser in your 1W under driven requirement.
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