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I have agoraphobia, i can leave the house but i cant go very far. What helped your agoraphobia?

Posted Mar 29 2010 6:31pm

Im looking for tips from someone who has seen a remission of symptoms in agoraphobia, and how they did it because im sick of being agoraphobic.

Help please

I’m in that boat with you. So far I’m learning how to work with it instead of fighting it. I’m working from home but I can get out if I prep myself first. I bring things with me to keep me entertained if I have a panic attack and have to stop driving. And when I leave I repeat to myself "You are okay. You don’t have to do this, you are choosing to do this. You can always turn around if you have to." It helps some. I hope you find some other helpful tips, I will be watching this question too, lol. If you need some support please visit the links below.

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