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i have a sharp pain on my right side, the sharp pain comes and goes, but i have the pain there most of the time

Posted by claires24

i have pain on my right, i get a sharp pain most of the day, i have had all sorts of tests, and waiting for appointment from the hospital, i have had it since August 2008, i have had differents types of pills, even really strong painkillers, that don't touch it.
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it could easily be any number of things including chronic gall bladder disease.

 These days they do not like to touch a gall boadder unless they can prove it has stones/gravel.  Ongoing inflamation of the gall bladder can go on for may years (even decades), but even chronic inflamation can cause enough ongoing damage to cause the organ to die.

 The purpose of the gall bladder is  to hand onto bile form the liver until it is needed (for digesting fat).  In most gall bladder patients, eatring fatty foods is a way to have a painful attack.  In Gall bladder disease, the worst attacks tend to happen in the early moring or at night, often with bad nausea, and often the pain in the worst of those attacks is also felt up the back.  Gall bladder pain is one of the worst known pains.


Some forms of gall bladder disease do not show up on the standard tests, becasue they are an infection or chronic inflamation.  There are no definitive tests that show if a person hases either of these conditions (or a porceline gall-bladder).  Only surgery can reveal these problems.  Unfortunately these days the insurance companies will sue the doctor if the try and bill for a procedure that the doc can't PROVE is necessary with a lab test.  As a result, a lot of people suffer for years with ongoing pain, whereas 30 years ago they would have just taken the thing out.

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