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I had an anxiety attack about a week ago and my chest still hurts?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:41pm

Posted:  anxiety attack

I had an anxiety attack about a week ago and cried veryyy intensely …?
the next day my chest was hurting a lott especially when i would breath in. as if the muscle behind my right boob was sore. It' s been a week and if i strain a little it still hurts. Is this normal? will it go away?

Hi love, I had anxiety attacks for quite a while when I was younger and it is fully possible that you have just strained the muscles in your chest, especially if you cried very intensely. It will clear up in a few more days I would think, though you may be sore for a while. Also important is whether you are getting any help or treatment for the anxiety attacks - do you see a doctor or counsellor? If not then pop and see your GP or a GP you trust. All the best to you.

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