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i get nervous sometimes and i feel my face starting to twitch how can stop this?

Posted by david

i wouldn't say i was a nervous person but it just happens sometimes
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Ian Health Maven
I don't know of any specific way of stopping the twitch. However, I suspect that while you are aware of it, no one else notices. That is usually the case.

One thing you could try is lightly pressing on a pressure point at the back of an ear - in the little hollow towards the bottom - with an index finger. Initially, try the ear on the same side as the twitch and switch to the other ear if it doesn't work. This pressure point isn't specifically for twitches but pressing on it does tend to ease nervousness.


when i get nervous my face tsrts to shake why does this happen?
when am nervous my face shakes why does this happen ??
Ian Health Maven

Shaking is a normal effect of anxiety/nervousness, Lacey. Anxiety/nervousness produces a number of effects on the nervous system and blood vessels which can trigger spasmodic impulses to muscles which produce ticks and trembling. However, often the shaking is more apparent to the person affected than others. While there are medications that can reduce these effects, the best way of overcoming this is to treat the underlying anxiety cause.



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