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I become very irritated an nervous a week before my menstruation. Is there a way to calm down, because I'm hurting people I love

Posted by Seva

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Ian Health Maven
This is fairly common, Seva.

It could be treated by psychotherapy or medication - benzodiazepines or antidepressants, however, it might be better to treat the hormonal side of the problem rather than seeking to mask the symptoms. Your doctor will be able to help you.

Best wishes

Thanks a lot, I can't find a doctor around my area who takes my insurance. Is there any over the counter antidepressants that I can take without prescription?
Ian Health Maven
Is there any over the counter antidepressants that I can take without prescription?

Probably not. It depends on the regulations in your country, but few allow sales over the counter (OTC).

Nor are they necessarily the best option for they need to be taken daily, which seems excessive for what is a short term issue, abet a regular one. Therefore, benzodiazepines would be better as they need only be taken as needed. However, many doctors are reluctant to prescribe them because they may produce dependency. Frankly, antidepressants aren't any better in that regard.

However, as per my initial post, I don't believe that masking the problem is the best way of dealing with it. Far be better to treat the cause if possible, IMHO.

Some OTC products you could try are omega-3/fish oil, valerian, and phytoestrogens.

Best wishes

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