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I am going through menopause and have just started having sporadic anxiety attacks. What do you think of Macafem supplements or

Posted by seeking peace

I am going through menopause (8 months without a period) and had bad hot flashes which stopped. One month ago, I started having aniety attacks. I am trying some behavior therapy to learn visualization and deal with spells that way but I find when I get a strong spell, I can't expel it this way.  I am using Kava Root only when I can't control it otherwise (only the freeze dried root and the company is the Eclectic Institute.  I take one or two pills per day as I need to only when the spell is bad.  I do not know the percent of kavalactones in this product but usually 1 and definitely 2 pills work).  I am aware of the liver concerns (I have no history of liver problems) and I only use it as a last resort but I don't want to use it too much hence my checking out other assistance.
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Ian Health Maven
I can't comment on Macafem or suggest what else may ease menopause symptoms. However, be aware that while hormonal fluctuations may be the trigger for the anxiety you're experiencing, after a while such anxiety can become entrenched and will continue even if the trigger is eliminated. So medications or supplements that ease the symptoms of menopause may not necessarily reduce the anxiety.

Frankly, I'm not a fan of kava. Quality of commercial products varies greatly and much contains very little active ingredient. Even high grade kava has only a mild effect at best. You should not drink alcohol or smoke while taking kava. Check with your physician or pharmacist if taking any medications as kava may interact with some drugs, including buspirone and benzodiazepines for anxiety. You should also stop taking it some days before surgery as it is contraindicated with some anesthetics.

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