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Hypothyroidism and fear of excercise

Posted by ELLKAP

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease 5 years ago.  I am now 61 years old.  I was always active and had a daily excercise routine. My blood pressure and heart are healthy but I do have severe GERD from my hypothyroidism that effects excercise. I am about 20lbs overweight. The thyroid disease has made my GERD symptoms worse and when I excercise I am very uncomfortable...we are talking about walking 30 stamina is also effected.  All of these symptoms during excercise have made me very anxious when I excercise, and unfortunately family members, including my husband, really don't understand the anxiety that comes with hypothyroidism although my numbers are balanced.  Everyone in my family knows I have this problem and feel they have to push me into taking a walk whenever they can...which adds to my anxiety.  I would go to a personal trainer, but I am afraid and i am not sure if I can go into a program that requires consistent excercise...I would appreicate any ideas on what I can do about this problem
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