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Hypnosis for anxiety relief – does it work?

Posted Jul 29 2010 3:15am

Hi all,
just want your personal experiences with this. Have you had hypnosis for anxiety-related issues, did it help, how many sessions were needed before you felt a difference etc…

Hi blase~
That’s a very good question, and the answer could speak to a good number of people.

Hypnosis is extremely helpful for anxiety and stress relief. As a Hypnotherapist, I see people for this sort of issue all the time. The number of sessions it may take for a person to minimize or do away with the discomfort of excessive stress and anxiousness will vary, depending on the person and their individual willingness and internal resources.

Hypnotherapy is a process, a systematic approach that helps a person to do what they want to do in the best way for them. For stress and anxiousness, we normally begin with three or four sessions, one per week. The frequency of sessions will depend on the person, and how pressing the issue may be. If the client experiences a more intense level of anxiousness, we may even do a couple of sessions in a week. This is deeply personal work that really must be addressed on an individual basis.

That said, my clients feel much better by the end of the first session. Many report that they feel a level of relief that they have not experienced for quite a long while. In addition to this, I get reports that they sleep very well, the night following a session. In the course of our work together, I help them to access their own resources, and we may utilize a number of other appropriate modalities, as well. And I teach my clients to do self-hypnosis, usually from the first session, so that they can have something to turn to for help, right away.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call or email. (510) 834-6726

Peace and comfort,

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