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humanities this concept to the nike blazer low operation and development of the cultural

Posted Jan 24 2013 7:41am
The full and free development of human personality to show, literary appreciation, entertainment, leisure, tourism, etc.. It can be said that the production of cultural goods and services, sales and consumption of each link has a very close relationship with all-round development of the people. Unlike profit cultural undertakings and cultural industries pay more attention to cultural entertainment, recreation, leisure and educational people to relax and return to the real, so as to promote the physical and mental health of the people, need to meet the people's free development.Visible, people-oriented, is to respond to popular will, embodied humanity, performance humanities this concept to the nike blazer low operation and development of the cultural industry, the industry is bound to grow; Conversely, contrary to the people's minds, humanity, humanity handed down cultural industries, to pursue some unrealistic " false, empty or harsh yellow, gambling, poison, it will only make the cultural industries premature astray.

Cultural industries must be fully reflects the scientific connotation of "people-oriented", in line with the requirements of the scientific development concept of sustainable development.Second, grasp the basic principles.In cultural life, a variety of cultural products from production to consumption, there is a variety of chains and links, and to supra owen achieve the sustainable development of the cultural industry, we must adhere to the following basic principles: first, market-oriented principles. Development of cultural industries is undoubtedly to market demand-oriented principle, both according to the cultural development of the laws and rules of the market. Culture since it is the kind of industry, it is necessary to adopt market-oriented, to enter the market, to market to fight the wind and waves. Continue the momentum of development of cultural industries from the market.
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