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How would scientologists cure agoraphobia?

Posted Apr 21 2010 1:10am

come on pompous Tom Cruise. Can you cure me of agoraphobia? YOu think you are an expert of the mind. No one else has been able to cure me. What can scientology do for me?

Is this a real question or a rant?

There are cures and there are treatments. Most places would treat you. They would have you do it in small doses, say empowering things, try various tricks to get you past the fear. Maybe offer you drugs.

As far as cures, Scientology would do pretty much the same as a good Psychiatrist would (at about the same rate). Explore events in your past to try and find something which may have caused the phobia, have you truly confront it, and see if that cures you. But it sounds like maybe you should see a psychiatrist instead just from your tone.

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