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How to talk yourself down from a panic attack?

Posted Jun 08 2010 8:49am

I know that my panic "spells" are the result of my over-thinking and over-analyzing my thoughts. How do I distract myself or talk myself down when I feel a panic attack coming on? It’s hard to not think about something when you have to keep telling yourself to stop thinking about it…

Four Ways to Get Rid of a Panic Attack

Panic attacks cause people suffering from it to live their lives differently from the way they used to. They have to avoid the triggers, so if a person gets panic attacks whenever being surrounded by people then this person will have to keep avoiding places such as malls, cinemas and supermarkets. Such a predicament is going to be very hard for most of us who have to make sacrifices just so we can avoid a panic attack.

The good news is, there are ways to put an end to panic attacks. But before going any further, we need to understand what this condition is. A panic attack causes the release of adrenaline to the veins sending a message to the adrenal glands about incoming fear or worry, resulting in an adverse reaction from the body. It will then cause extreme reactions in the body which results in a panic attack.

The steps that will help eliminate panic attacks are:

1. Relaxation: You can use breathing techniques to help you relax better. Calm down as soon as you realize you are going to have a panic attack. The more you become tense, the more the attack will become much worse.

2. Use of Affirmations and Positive Statements: Keep telling yourself that you can handle the panic attack and that it will not lead you to any fatal situation. Any strong positive statement is going to alleviate your condition. Tell yourself that everything is going to be all right and it will. For affirmations, you need to constantly remind yourself that you are capable of getting rid of your panic attacks.

3. Acceptance of Emotion: This is one of the most effective ways to eliminate panic attacks. You need to acknowledge your fears and worries, and once you do, you need to look deeper and find out what causes these things to occur. If it is fear of delivering a speech, you need to know why. Is it because there are a hundred people around? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself why you are afraid of them. By having answers to these questions you will be able to find ways to control your fear, and when you can control your fear you can prevent panic attacks.

4. Blocking of Negative Thoughts: You need to rid your mind of negative thoughts because they have the power to rule over you. If you are constantly being pessimistic, then your whole world will become just that- full of problems and complications. You need to be able to say “STOP” whenever negative thoughts start entering your mind.

Listen to what you are feeling inside, trust yourself and keep your thoughts positive. Manage how you react to situations and tell yourself that it is going to be okay. If things have gone from bad to worse, you can always seek therapy through hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP to get better treatment for your condition.

Panic attacks are never a good thing because they deprive you of your right to live normally. Do not be resigned to the idea of letting panic attacks control you for the rest of your life because you deserve so much better than a life of isolation and constant fear. Put in mind that these panic attacks can be cured, if you know how and where to go to seek treatment. If you cannot afford seeking professional help, that is alright too because you are surely just as capable of fixing the condition on your own. Be focused and determined, and work really hard at getting rid of panic attacks.

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