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How to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder eBook – Changing the Way You Think WILL Change the Way You Feel!

Posted Jan 05 2012 11:34am

If you suffer from social anxiety disorder simple everyday activities, such as going to the shops or standing on a crowded bus, can seem daunting. Worrying about what other people think of you and if something bad will happen blights the lives of millions around the world.

In fact, it’s estimated that 15 million people in the US suffer from an anxiety disorder and 2.3 million in the UK. So if you suffer from social phobia you’re not alone.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that anxiety isn’t something you have to live with for the rest of your life. It can be just a difficult phase you’ve had to deal with, because it’s clinically proven that you CAN discover how to think in a happier, healthier manner, which will help your anxiety to reduce.

By reading my eBook and practicing its self help strategies you’ll discover how to respond to situations more objectively and how to feel more relaxed around people you don’t know.

Thanks a million. You are a really insightful and compassionate writer, not to mention, accessible writer.

If you suffer from social phobia then you probably already know how uncomfortable the effects can be. The physical and mental symptoms can be so overpowering that you might avoid social situations altogether, preferring the safety of your home.

But hiding away from the world is not the answer. Avoiding people might protect you from feeling nervous in the short-term. But isolating yourself from friends and family can lead to depression because of your withdrawal from an active, fulfilling life.

Some sufferers turn to alcohol or illegal drugs to try and block out the symptoms. But this will merely make you feel worse in the long run and prevent you from dealing with the root cause of your problem. Even worse, it can lead to alcoholism or drug addiction, heaping yet more problems onto your plate.

But you don’t have to put up with social anxiety forever. It can be just a difficult phase you’ve been through before moving on with the rest of your life.

In recent decades, a lot of research has been conducted into what causes anxiety and depression, and what can be done to treat its symptoms.

As a result, therapeutic techniques have been developed to help sufferers reduce their uncomfortable thoughts, and discover how to think, feel and behave in a happier, healthier manner free from excessive anxious worries.

THANK YOU for providing this wonderful website. I’ve just now discovered, at age 36, that I might have SAD. I googled it, and came across your website, and everything is now making perfect sense as to why I feel and act the way I do

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a well researched and widely used form of psychotherapy for treating depression and anxiety. It’s recommended by the UK’s National Health Service, is taught by therapists all over the world and has helped thousands overcome social phobia.

Depression and anxiety are driven by unhelpful thoughts that are illogical and inaccurate. CBT provides a series of goal driven strategies for identifying these unhelpful thoughts and then showing you how to replace them with more realistic, objective ways of thinking.

As you learn to think about things more clearly, you’ll start to change the way you feel, and your anxiety will gradually reduce as a result.

Cognitive behavioural therapy has helped many thousands to reduce their anxiety, and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

And it can help you too.

“As I read more and more about SAD, I am discovering that THIS has been the very thing keeping me from my full potential in life, and it feels so good to have a “name” for this condition I have been
plagued with, ever since childhood.”



Whilst there are already some excellent books on CBT, many people feel daunted at having to wade through a 300 page book to find the answers they need.

My 59 page eBook is designed to be an easy to read guide to social anxiety. It provides a series of self help CBT strategies for discovering how to think in a healthier manner (and I’ve also added all the articles on this site).

It includes sections on:

  • What causes social anxiety
  • What are the unhelpful thoughts that make you feel anxious
  • How to work out your belief system
  • How to replace your negative beliefs with more helpful, positive thoughts and feelings
  • Why you feel the way that you think
  • Achieving self acceptance and why you’re not worthless
  • How to climb a ladder to a better life
  • Ways of coping with socially anxious situations
  • Reinforcing your new ways of thinking
  • Where you can turn for further help

Reading your website, and reading other SAD blogs has inspired me to blog myself, just a way to journal and have others witness my journey as I find a way to live with SAD.

With practice and patience, the techniques explained in my eBook will help you to improve the way you think and feel. As your new objective ways of thinking take hold, and become a natural part of the way you respond to situations, your anxiety will gradually reduce.

Situations that previously made you feel nervous, such as eating in a restaurant or going shopping, won’t seem so daunting and you’ll find it easier to interact with strangers in social situations.

Cognitive behavioural therapy has helped thousands overcome their social phobia and live more active, fulfilling lives. It helped me, and my hope is that the strategies in my eBook will help you too.

“Thank you SO much for inspiring me. I just LOVE the Internet!”

Cognitive behavioural therapy is clinically proven to help people suffering from depression or anxiety to think in a more positive manner, which in turn improves the way they feel. However, changing the way your brain works and how you respond to situations won’t happen overnight.

It takes practice and patience to change the way you think, feel and behave; my eBook provides you with a goal driven strategy for doing it.

However, if after three months of practising the techniques in my eBook you feel your social anxiety hasn’t reduced then I’ll refund your money in full (email:

My only request is that you don’t allow this to stop you on your journey to discovering how you CAN overcome social phobia, because you just to find another path and there’s plenty of help available to help you find your way.

£2.88 ($4.45)

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Also available on Amazon Kindle

P.S. My eBook provides an easy to read guide on social anxiety and a series of self help cognitive behavioural therapy exercises taught by clinical psychotherapists to help people think in a healthier, happier manner.

You feel the way that you think, and discovering how you can think more positively is clinically proven to help reduce anxiety and social phobia.

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