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How Much Time And Work Does It Really Take To Succeed In Business?

Posted Nov 27 2012 4:29pm
“It takes 3 years to build a business.”

“Running a business takes a lot of hard work and long hours.”

Sound familiar?

Most of us have either said or heard the same thing at one time or another. In fact, I had two conversations about this yesterday (which I decided was a sign that I needed to write about it).

The people I talked to were just like I used to be, putting a huge amount of time and effort into thinking about how much time and effort it was going to take to grow their business.

I used to be a believer in the “It takes 3 years of really hard work and long hours” school of business building. And guess how long it took me to build my therapy practice?


Yep, you guessed it… 3 years of long, hard work.

But here’s the thing, looking back it’s so clear that the reason it took so much time and work was because I kept getting in my own way. Just like the people I talked to yesterday.

What happens when we believe something is going to take a long period of time and/or a lot of hard work is that we over load ourselves with busy work.

We create huge lists of “important” tasks.

We get into a habit of “hard work.”

When we expect something to be difficult, we often overlook the most effective solution because it seems easy and “easy” doesn’t fit our belief.

For both of the clients yesterday, the opportunity they were looking for was right in front of them, but they were too busy focusing on their beliefs that being an entrepreneur was “hard” and “took a long time” to see it.

I used to do the same thing and it wasn’t until I let go of the belief that it had to be hard and take a really long time that my business boomed. When I let go of the need to struggle, I could see very clearly the next step to grow my business. (And they were the same steps and opportunities that had been there from the beginning.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it doesn’t require action to build a successful business. It does. It requires making a consistent effort to do the action that is most efficient (or easy) and will produce the greatest results.

What “easy” opportunity are you overlooking because you believe it’s supposed to be hard?

What would happen if you started to believe it could be easy to build a business?

You are amazing, exactly as you are…


P.S. When people ask me now how long does it take to build a business, I’ve started answering “3 years. Two and a half years to work through the fear and limiting beliefs that get in the way of doing the things that will actually produce results followed by about six months of effective action.” Unless you work with me, of course :)
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