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How long does it take for Klonopin Wafers to relieve a panic attack?

Posted May 21 2010 3:35pm

I only have panic attacks in certain social situations which is very few per year (thank God); My dr prescibed .5 and told me to take it only when i fill a panic attack coming on. I have a social event coming up that i might have to take the med for..

BTW: I know that everyone reacts differently to medication. I really want to hear you experience, tips, ect.. anything will be helpful..

I don’t take Klonopin, but Ativan. I’m sure they are similar. If you typically get high anxiety and panic attacks before a social event, you can take it as soon as you feel anxiety, not wait for it to escalate into an attack. Usually I don’t know how long mine take to work because they sneak up on you. It will be a little later and I’ll realize I feel better. But they begin to work pretty quickly, within a few minutes.

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