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How do you stop yourself having a panic attack?

Posted Jun 05 2010 11:01am

I’ve had a few and I hate it. Worst feeling ever.
I have no idea how to calm myself down. Anyone know?

First of all, adrenaline shoots through our veins in response to fight or flight. In other words, when we are struggling to overcome a situation or are trying to get away from something, adrenaline will enter into our bloodstreams. This adrenaline is there to help us fight better and run away faster. In certain situations it is good that we are able to fight better or run faster, but when adrenaline secretion is already giving us feelings of unreality, fighting this or trying to run away only secrets more adrenaline and makes us feel more unreal.
Eventually, panic attacks will end. When they do, they often leave us totally exhausted. It is at this time we start to put our guards up against any signs of another one coming. This is a form a fighting or running away, and so it increases the chance another panic attack will come soon.
Trying to fight off panic is not only futile it creates more anxiety, which if handled incorrectly will result in more panic attacks. So, doing the opposite, not fighting and giving up, is a better way to defeat anxiety and panic.
Though it seems like a strange approach for those of us who have fought for everything we have, the way to victory over anxiety and panic is to give up fighting. When we surrender to anxiety we no longer add adrenaline flow to our already adrenaline rich bloodstreams.
If you find yourself suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression, you are not alone. Many times people will try to ignore the problem, which usually makes it worse. Did you know that there are natural ways to deal with panic attacks and anxiety disorder?

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