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How do i get normal breathing with GAD?

Posted Apr 25 2010 12:18am

Hey i have been having GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and i have been on citalopram for about 4 weeks now. and one thing that’s really making it difficult for me to overcome it is my breathing. every couple minutes i have to take a big gulp of air. how do i cure that?
This breathing abnormality started after i took the meds

You should do some breathing exercises. There are many on the web. Also learn to breath from your abdomen not your chest.
Many people with anxiety take shallow breaths from the chest.

Did the start after taking the meds? You should talk to your doctor.
I will also worn you that once you get it in your head that you are having a hard time breathing, you will start to feel as if y ou cant breathe. I was diagnosed with GAD when I was 11. I am 28 now and I have seen this with many people.

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