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How do I deal with agoraphobia from benzo withdrawals?

Posted Mar 25 2010 7:33pm

I have had agoraphobia for almost two months now making it nearly impossible for me to leave my home.It all started when I was Detoxed from xanax to quickly. I am 25 days benzo free and still have bad agoraphobia. I cant even walk to the corner of my street without freaking out.And I do not want to go on anti depresants.So how do I cope or overcome this?

Go 2 and you will find all the info u need on there including forums with people suffering the same problems as urself..
Detoxing of benzos will not happen overnite and you will probably have these feelings of anxiety/agrophobia 4 a little while yet.Your body/mind is readjusting slowly.
xanax supresses adrenaline so when you stop taking them your body works overtime 2 produce more of it than is needed.This is why u r feeling anxious.2 much adrenaline=anxiety
i went through the same as u and the way i dealt wiv it was 2 first go in2 the garden.wen i felt ok wiv this i slowly worked my way further a field avoiding crowds at first until i got my confidence.It tuk me a few months but i got there in the end.
Also exercise as much as u can as dis uses up ur adrenaline naturaly slowly puttin ur bodys hormones back in balance.
Congratulations on comin of benzos as this is by far the hardest drug 2 come of.Uv taken ur first step now you wil have 2 take things slowly and at your own step at a time.i promise u fings wil get better just b patient.
make sure u check out the website and also discuss this wiv ur doctor as counselling mite b of benefit 2 u 2 show u ways and techniques in dealing wiv ur anxiety.
all the best

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