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How can you stop a panic attack when you KNOW you’re about to panic!!!!!!???????

Posted Apr 12 2010 10:34pm

Tell yourself, "I can feel this panic attack coming. But it’s okay. I’m not in any danger. There’s no need to panic, but I’m just going to feel that way. My heart is racing, my breathing is quickening." And do then do that exercise the other poster told you to do while you’re telling yourself this. "It’s okay." During one period of my life when I used to suffer from panic attacks, I joined a theater group and went on stage. Stagefight felt exactly like a panic attack. (And psychologists will tell you that panic attacks are the stagefright of real life.) I realized when I was up on that stage that it was all mental and nothing to be frightened of. That old saying, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" is true. Once I realized that having a panic attack didn’t mean the world was coming to an end or that I was going to die or go crazy, the panic attacks stopped. I haven’t had one since and it’s been over 10 years.

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