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How can I stop the panic attacks that come every time I go to the gynocologist?

Posted May 28 2010 5:28am

I can’t go to the gynocologist. Every time I try to I go into a horrible panic attack. I know she’s not going to hurt me, I know it needs to be done for health reasons…I just can’t do it. I start crying and freaking out and I can’t breathe and I just feel like I’m about to die. It’s horrible. I’m 21, almost 22, so I’m long past due for all sorts of tests. I’m still a virgin, so at least I’m STD free(thank you hatred of my body, you keep my disease free)..and the gyno knows that I was molested as a child and she’s said that she won’t do anything until I’m okay with it…but I don’t think I’ll ever be okay with it. And when it comes to the topic of sex, I either think feel like I should just sleep with someone I’ll never see again to get it over with or that I’ll never do it. I’m going to be a virgin forever because I’m so fucked up. I need help. But I can’t afford a psychiatrist. So yeah, how can I stop the panic attacks without medication…because my mom thinks they’re nonexistent.

Many cities have mental health clinics with sliding pay scales. Go to one of them. They have professionals from social workers to psychiatrists.

You need therapy from a professional to get through this.

Your mom needs to read about panic attacks. They are very real. In order to help you, she needs to be supportive. Otherwise, perhaps you should get your own place to get out of that non-supportive environment.

Don’t worry about staying a virgin. In today’s world, it is safer to remain one with all of the STDs out there. I know for sure there are other virgins out there. My brother and some friends of mine are some of them. They are older than you. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You should be proud.

Dealing with the panic attacks is your first priority.

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