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How can I overcome panic disorder?

Posted by rebelflower

I've had it for years and i take meds.But I'm still having them 1x a week.
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Ian Health Maven

Hi rebelflower,

Panic disorder can be hard to treat and breakthrough panic attacks can sometimes occur. However, the frequency of yours indicates that either the medication dose is inadequate or the medication is not capable of giving adequate relief.

Discuss increasing the dose, or, perhaps, supplementing or changing the medication with the prescribing physician. As having panic attacks tends to reinforce the disorder this is something you should do ASAP.

Apart from medication the only treatment with a good track record are therapies such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. Your physician should be able to recommend a practitioner experienced in treating PD.

Fish/omega-3 oil has been shown to be beneficial in anxiety disorders and depression so may be worth trying. It can take 4-8 weeks before improvement becomes apparent. As with any supplement, discuss this with your physician before you start taking it.

Best wishes


NOTE: I am not a doctor, and more importantly, I'm not your doctor so the above advice is necessarily of a general nature which may or may not apply to you. Always consult your health provider before acting on anything you've read here.

Sometimes panic can be teated with the following. Keep taking the meds, but try this as well.

The unconscious mind has no discrimination, this means (unlike the conscious mind) it believes everything it is told. It's possible to talk yourself into a 'downer' by constantly articulating the negative. However the opposite is also true.

Try telling yourself the positive "I am well" "I feel so courageous" "I feel calm".....and so on. Obviously since these afirmations have to be articulated out loud in order for the 'unconscious' to accept them; make sure you're alone when you say these things.

After two or three days of this you will know if it's working or not. Have a go, what have you got to lose except your disability.

If it doesn't work, keep taking the meds

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