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How can I get over agoraphobia?

Posted Jun 25 2010 6:03pm

I have now had agoraphobia for nearly two years and although it has slightly improved so that I can walk within 5 mins of the house, I am no where near to getting any further. I am having councilling. I have tried reiki,hypnotherapy and various other councillors but it seems like I am getting no where fast. It really depresses me to be in this situation at the age of 28 and it has taken its toll on my family and friends as it can also restrict those near to me. Can any one help at all or been though this problem and come out the other side? I really hope I am not the only one out there thats losing the will to live while I have this problem
Thank you for reading this
I would also like to add that I also have a fear of swallowing so food and drink are also a issue. This does not seem to be so bad in the evenings but more during the day and if certain people are not in the house. The worst time to have this is when I try to get out as normally i would have some water and carry on but now that fear is involved this is where I turn round and come back again. So Im not having much luck in life right now but I am hoping so one out there can add that ray or light and helping me to regain my life
Thank you one and all
Donna x

Ok listen…..

everyone has threir sh*t to deal with. I have agoraphobia also, worse than yours right now. but what i dont understand is why you really feel the need to change it, just find ways to go around it.

get a at home computer job. the worst that you’ll have to face is going out for an interveiw. i did it so can you. most of them supply plenty of money for bills, living, & delivered geroceries!!!!

as for family and friends, they will come to you if they really love you. but if you want to go to them then have them pick you up 3 times and drive you to their place at different times of the day to see your ansiety, then you can choose the most comfortable time for you, then drive yourself!

you have this for a reason, """"dont change for the world, make the world change for you.""""

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