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How can I cure my agoraphobia?

Posted Jun 08 2010 8:49am

I’m 19 and a freshman in college.

I want to get rid of my agoraphobia so that I can go out and do things without constantly being anxious. I always feel that I’m too ugly to go out in public and that everyone is watching and judging me when I go into a place with a lot of people. Outside of my job, I spend all my time at home on the computer.

Make an appointment with your doctor and seek a referral to a counselor that can help cure Agoraphobia, preferably one that specializes in anxiety disorders. The counselor will help you gain back control of your life by discussing your triggers and symptoms, and helping you understand what is happening. Ask for medications that can help with the symptoms.

Take small steps to take back control of your world. Does even thinking about going out the door starts your anxiety symptoms? Start there, at your smallest anxiety point. Stand at the door and open it. While standing there, take slow and steady deep breaths. Reassure yourself with calming affirmations such as, "Everything is fine," "I am OK" or "This is only temporary" — anything that helps make you feel better. Stay in that spot until the anxious feelings go away.

Keep pushing yourself and the anxiety. Yes, you will have to endure the panic attacks. But they will get better. The symptoms will lessen and even go away in time. Once you can go to the doorway without worry, take a step outside. Stay there until the panic attack subsides. Keep taking that step outside until you can finally do it without any anxiety.

Continue going past your comfort zone (usually your home). You will want to flee back to your comfort zone when a panic attack starts. However, you must stay where you are until the panic attack subsides. Eventually, this will cure Agoraphobia. You are teaching yourself that you will survive even after having a severe panic attack, and that the places you fear are not unsafe.
Good luck! Take care always……………..

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