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How can experts in the field say panic attacks aren’t dangerous when your blood pressure skyrockets?

Posted May 12 2010 7:03am

They say it doesn’t hurt you because it’s for a short period of time that your senses are intensified, but what if you get panic attacks all the time, doesn’t that mean you’re prime to have a heart attack?

I’ve wondered the same thing myself as a sufferer of panic attacks. I’ve read that although the "fight or flight" response is beneficial in the short term, it can be dangerous if it becomes chronic. Our bodies are not meant to be stressed constantly. It can lead to adrenal failure at the worst or at the least, the cortisol that is released too often can cause a number of problems. I certainly believe this. How can it not be harmful in some way. This response is only supposed to kick in for truly dangerous situations, but for people with panic attacks (like us), it can occur many times in one day! Even experts are now understanding how damaging chronic stress can be.

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