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How are you diagnosed with a panic/anxiety disorder? or BiPolar Disorder?

Posted May 15 2010 7:02am

is their like a questionnaire, or a brain scan? and what are the treatments/cures?
i understand a professional has to do it, but what do they do? and its definitlly not an overnight problem.

Unfortunately, there are no definitive tests for GAD or Bipolar Disorder. No blood tests, or brain scans, etc. Although I understand they are working towards being able to use brain scans in the future to diagnose some psychiatric disorders.

A psychiatrist will question you about family history, symptoms, personal history, any head traumas, history of abuse, etc. Based on your health history, family history, and the answers you give him or her about your experiences and symptoms he or she will come up with a diagnosis.

Since the questions are quite specific and thorough, they usually will get the diagnosis right. However, it is also common to misdiagnose Bipolar disorder (particularly Bipolar II) as depression at first, as most people report the depression symptoms but don’t realize that the hypomanic symptoms are symptoms at all.

Often in this case, they will treat you for depression and only after realizing that the anti-depressants are triggering mania do they begin to screen for Bipolar.

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