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HI,im 17 and i am suffering badly with anxiety depression i was wondering if anyone has any relief tips?

Posted May 03 2010 1:18am

I ALWAYS feel constantly sick and suffe badly with nausea befpre i do to work and i wake up shaking in the mornings and im constantly a nervous wreck, has anyone got any calming techniques or does anyone have the same condition as me? it would be nice to know that im not the only one suffering! thank you!

Check blood pressure, and thyroid/thyroxin. Calm down with herbal tea and warm baths. Think good thoughts, we aren’t in the midst of a tragedy are we? Still life isn’t easy and we must work at it.

There are drugs for this if you want to see a doctor, called Beta Blockers. You are not depressed, quite normal, and extra alert or aware.

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