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Help Stop Anxiety: Hypnosis To Overcome Anxiety

Posted Mar 12 2010 11:30pm

Anxiety is a word used to describe feelings of uncertainty, hesitation, nervousness or fear and is usually context related.
Before treatment the first question we ask someone who tells us they ‘have anxiety’ is usually, ‘how do you know when to be anxious?’

Some feel anxiety when talking to strangers, some feel anxiety when giving presentations, some get anxiety driving on a motorway. A few will say they get anxious feelings all the time.

Anxiety has a pattern
There is, in our experience, always a pattern to anxiety, it is not random. It is often associated with depression. The way we help stop anxiety is to treat it as a learned behaviour. Indeed, it is said that the only two fears humans are born with are those of loud noises and falling – the rest are learned (albeit unwittingly).

Because the human brain learns so quickly, it is often possible to literally rapidly ‘re-condition’ the learned response of anxiety or depression so that the next time the person is in a situation which previously made them feel bad (anxious), instead they feel more resourceful and capable.

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