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Help i have a health anxiety disorder and panic attacks what can i do?

Posted May 28 2010 5:28am

I have a health anxiety disorder and cant stop thinking that there is something wrong with me. I feel i am going mad. I am on medication for depression but nothing is working. I cant sleep and just feel anxiety from the moment i wake up to the moment i go sleep, (when i do eventually get to sleep) its causing problems at home with my husband because he trys to understand but doesnt what do i do.

I suffered with anxiety and depression for years until someone told me about the Bach Flower remedies. I now treat others with them. Bach Flower remedies are safe to take, they are natural, and they really do work. There are 38 treatments that work for every emotion we can experience from deep black depression through anxiety, panic attacks and sheer terror to absolute anger. Search the web for a Bach Flower therapist in your area. While you are taking them you can continue taking your anti-depressants/tablets for anxiety until you notice a change then you can start reducing the dosage of your tablets. Believe me, they do work – they worked for me. I am also a healer, so right at this moment I am going to send absent healing to you. You will get well again even though right now it feels like you won’t. Trust me, you will get better. You are not going mad. You are worthy of help and there is nothing wrong with you that can’t come right. xx

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