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Help i feel like im the only person going through this

Posted by rachel876

Hi all,

I had a miscarraige on the 9th July 2010 and i thought i was coping pretty well even though i was utterly devestated! 2 weeks ago i got this feeling like something was stuck in my throat, i was terrified and thought i had throat cancer dr asurred me i was fine but i wasnt conviced, i then began feeling like i was having shortness of breath this worried me even more and more anxious i became this time thinking i had lung cancer, so back to the docs i went to be told im suffering from anxiety and depression since lossing the baby and that  im to young for lung cancer anyway my o2 level was between 97 and 98% so pretty good! 

im so terrified im going to leave my little boy who is 19mnths old im only 23 and think my life is ending i have all the symptoms of anxiety the shortness of breath the feeling that someone is sat on your chest, nausea, tiredness tingly feeling down my arms, muscles aching, i have been to the doc 7 times in a week and a half and 6 different doctors all told me im fine and that its just anxiety but why cant i just believe it.

I have my first counciling sesson tomo but still waiting for my cbt im hoping that comes through soon as i want my old life back and to be the person i once was ive had enough of crying everyday i am as i think im slowly dying and not going to see my son grow up. If anyone else has gone through the same please message me i would love to realise im not the only person feeling lik this x

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Can I advise you? Consult your doctor, your liver should be checked thoroughly. As from my experience, excessive heat stored in your liver could be the cause. You could go crazy if the heat reaches your brain.

Just an advice for reference only.

i know how you feeling i going through the same thing
I went through my first panic attack at about the same age as you! Cognitive behavioral therapy is what I'd recommend along with medication if needed!  I've been living with it for 12 years and I wish someone had pushed me in that direction while I was still young and anxiety was new to me!  Good luck and email me anytime @

I've have anxiety for 13yrs. now, i've had read tons of books and watched lots of video's about anxiety/panic attacks. I think you are having panic attacks, when i first had a panic attack i was in the E R. so much it was like another home for me. Everyone looked at me as if i was crazy i started to even feel crazy. but my symptoms started out something like your's, shortness of breath, feeling like a lump was in my throat, i even hyper ventalated. as my anxiety got worst my symptoms where chest pains, felt as if i was having a heart attack, my arms felt like they were trembling, blurry vision, felt like i was gonna faint, felt weak. your body goes through alot from anxiety and when we feel like something is wrong with us it only gets worst, you have to learn all about anxiety/panic attacks so you can start feeling better and take your life back, cuz i to at times would wanna die, and cry all the time praying to God if only i could have my life back the way it was. i thought the same as you. i to had a misscarriage and still today think of when the baby's b-day would be and how old he/she would be. but relize i have kids and need to be there for them. that God does things for a reason. even if we don't understand that reason you know. ? plz. read and or look up and learn more about anxiety once you learn more about it, life will start getting better for you. i would like to be your friend and chat with you when ever you need to talk hit me up anytime. i try to check my mail atleast once a day :)

if you have a face book you can request me my name is carol ann castleberry clark thats it on fb. my e-mail is


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