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Hello, could you help with anxiety?

Posted by rick s.

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Deep, rhythmic breathing has helped me as much as anything.  When we are in fear or anxiety mode, the breathing becomes shallow and erratic. Returning to a deep, regular breathing pattern can help the body relax.
Ian Health Maven
What type of anxiety do you have Rick?

Hello Rick,

As frustrating and scary as anxiety can be, please know there are many things you can do to control it.  There are over the counter herbal supplements that help such as Thiamine (Vitamin B1) - It's known to help reduce anxiety and has a calming effect on the nerves (per the book "Prescption for Nutritional Healing" by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC). My sister has taken it and so has a friend and it has helped them.  My anxiety is a little mroe severe and have to take medication for it - but over the years I have been able to curb the number of panic attacks I used to have... just has Neva H. mentions - breathing is KEY... whenever you feel panicky your body flips on it's "fight or flight" mechanism which puts your body into overdrive making it worse... When you focus on taking deep, slow breaths you can calm yourself down - Breath in through the nose and exhale through the mouth.  Regular meditation is very helpful as well... doing so will help you to work on your breathing technique and help you to master it.  A trick that my therpist has taught me is when you are in a "panic mode" - stop and look at the environment around you... and describe every single thing you see as if you were describing it to a blind person.  (Obviously if you are in public do it in your head - either way you can do it in your head)... the point is that you are distracting your mind and before you know it the panic attack will have passed.  Your mind can only focus on one thought at a time... I've done this myself and it has worked every single time.  

I would be more than happy to offer more advice/tips as I have lived with anxiety (and still do) since I was a child... but I've learned a lot about it throughout the years... knowing more about how severe your anxiety is would help...

In the meantime I hope the advice I offered is of some help to you!

Take care!


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