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He UGG Womens Sundance 5605 is chasing

Posted Nov 22 2012 2:14am

Be not, go all like this!The romantic novel plot in nowadays exaggerates so much, leading lady drive male the leading role liked to know for none of 4, 5 years, really enough foolish.Zhang Xiao Xi is chewing a bread to drink milk and squating down to sit on the step top end of library to know well novel.The cellular Ugg Bailey Button Triplet 1873 phone suddenly rang to get up and broke inside the library of silent.She hurriedly from the handbag in take out a cellular phone to answer telephone. "Small river, you not is say at 14:00 conference?Now all what time, also don't appear!"The voice of the big decibel of Li Min Chao is from the cellular phone in roared out.Zhang Xiao Xi very and ashamedly hurtles other upset Mous to come of read book person Gan to smile, hurriedly hurtle a cellular phone that:"Know, spoilt daughter of a rich family."It is hurried to pin up a telephone, see the cellular phone holding last time again. !13:45 divide.She quickly puts 2, 3 novel home positions taking to return to and starts to carry handbag to in a hurry leave library.Don't want to just step several steps, immediately drive book member hurl with warn of look in the eyes.The sky shouts!Save her.Isn't what she want to be dressed in high-heeled shoes to step harass on the marble floor everyone, not very good.Is really feeling urgently under!There is bitterness that can not say!Have to, the kitty marks time slowly from the home position and moved library, finally can open sedan to rush through into a television station. When Zhang Xiao Xi rushes through television station once and put a handbag to take a backup of month degree the report is fixing to go board room.Secretary Chen suddenly walked into UGG Ultra Tall Boots 5245 office and closed door. "Secretary Chen, the month degree statement sent down to go to.Is quick!We leave, time shalls arrive soon."Zhang Xiao Xi just acrossesed two, be blocked down by secretary Chen, this guy what is the row? Don't wait she to respond, secretary Chen is from the western dress coat in take out a name card passed her front of, "director general, you didn't discover office desk up many a tie a beautiful flower." "Spend?"Zhang Xiao Xi this just sweeps to see the whole office and brings about an eyelid, liliaceous?"Who send?"She didn't think more and stretched hand to grasp doorknob to want to open the door. Secretary Chen but pass name card Be getting higher, "director general, you see first.You must see first!" "What?"Zhang Xiao Xi stares at Jing to hope the name card on the secretary Chen's hand and impressively sees the name of Xiao Yan and suddenly frighteneds:"He does he send?" "Yes."The one face of secretary Chen pleasantly smiles:"The Xiao chief executive officer still says to make you come back to return to a telephone for him.This bulb of lily is very beautiful, director general." Secretary Chen didn't discover the facial expression that the dark of Zhang Xiao Xi comes down, a deeply drunk of strength is in the outstanding body Zi of Xiao Yan and infatuate with very serious. He isn't serious?"Secretary Chen, liliaceous like?" "Like."The starlight double returning of eyes deluge sees Zhang Xiao Xi. "Send to you."Zhang Xiao Xi once takes out the name card in the her hand and opened door to sail out of the room.Leaves, secretary Chen very dry can not believe of wink, so beautiful liliaceous send to her?She!She! Chief executive officer and CEO of plentiful group, Xiao Yan. Zhang Xiao Xi receives name card jacket pocket inside, very and soon resume on the noodles consistent cool-headed, quickly walked into board room.Meeting the indoor all creation department the personnel all have been already together arrived.With go toward dissimilarity of is Sung burning second sit on the flank that she gets empty. Zhang Xiao Xi sat down, the wreath attended to the colleague of meeting the indoor, "today's meeting " the whole meeting contends for falling to the viewer rating, the work attitude etc. of creation cost, accomplishment report and each producer of each program did the resolution of orchestration. Have already changed details in book chapter 21 novel Ba Da novel download the net renew time:2012-1-208:17:03 chapter word numbers:4051 The meeting has been arriving to just end at 17:00, each producer each program has to make an improvement according to what she requests. Need owner to leave board room, leaves her burning with Sung second of time, she asks:"Is helpful to your report?" "Derive dfhjmdfhjvbfj much benefit."Sung blazes second smile slightly, " market research reports that I need two modifications." "That good.You directly hand over to after working well strict total can.Stay a backup for me by the end of the month.Creation department this was turned round the universe by you."Zhang Xiao Xi suddenly the language center of gravity is long, the uprising intends to leave board room. Sung is burning to is second to as well stand, desire speech again of hope her.Turn round the universe?The viewer rating fall can be greatly small to creation department and allow of no to neglect.Only afraid, her in the mind is especially worried, but hands over to him this matter to do. "Still occupy?" "This month be like what you said is special January, leave early, isn't a good matter." "Concern me?"Zhang Xiao Xi dejectedly smiled to smile, "I have proper restraint of" finishes saying to leave board room and headed for own office. Sung blazes a second station at first and returned to hope her the tiny Zhan far went of figure, double eye's being like be received by the sand, piercing for a while for a while.Is sorry!Execuse me, Zhang Xiao Xi.He UGG Womens Sundance 5605 is chasing a her arch hand.Execuse me, Zhang Xiao Xi. The moment that closes door, the smiling face in a flash disappears of without a trace.Zhang Xiao Xi pulled to pull a corner of mouth, from the coat pocket in take out the name card of Xiao Yan, take out the cellular phone stired according to the transacting of name card telephone past.
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