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Happy New Year 2012!

Posted Jan 05 2012 12:33am
Wow, it's been awhile since we've caught up, hasn't it? My daughter is 21 months old and boy has she grown! She now looks like a little girl....I say that because you know, when they are so little they don't have much hair, you can't tell if they are a boy or girl? Well, she looks like a little girl. My anxiety is still a part of my life and it's something that crosses my mind at least once a day. I continue to take Cymbalta which keeps it all in check and I feel fine throughout the day. There are days like today where I begin to feel the very early signs of anxiety develop but am aware it and slow down. For instance, I was on my computer researching travel plans for an upcoming trip. Meanwhile, I have a needy baby who is sick clinging to my leg. I have to get this information, and I have to stop my baby from having a nervous breakdown because her mommy is not playing with her. I put my computer down and play with her for a good hour and I'm back to planning. It's totally my fault for putting this all on my plate during the afternoon because I should wait until my husband gets home and then plan in peace and quiet....but noooooo, that's not my personality type. Still, I realized I was getting a little worked up and put the itinerary in the hands of my mother, who is also joining us on the trip. In the end, it all worked out and the trip is planned.

Lesson learned, catch the anxiety in its embryotic stage and you will likely prevent full-blown anxiety.

Happy New Year!

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