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hanging BOSCH 2607336170 2800mAh 18V Battery drill

Posted Sep 10 2012 2:14am

Hole location tilt, etc. Protecting tube timely follow-up, protecting tube inside the head must keep. Mud index check control, not careless BOSCH 2607336170 Power Tool Battery drill check, steel wire rope and check, drop drill is difficult to deal with daily according to drill slag judgment geological situation, completes the geological histogram identification drill to design position notice supervision together after acceptance, jointly determine the bottom of the hole geology and design is consistent, the first root pile foundation inspection hole should also inform the owner, design, survey, etc.

Hole BOSCH 2607336170 2800mAh 18V Battery drilling point start drilling appropriate slow shoulds not be fast, because guard drum blade feet around rock to compact have a process, should be repeated impact extrusion, because this position the most easy to punch; Vertical degree correction, 2-3 m immediately after correction, the hole is too deep and deviation is too big only backfill back to (in fact standard are fake, but there is a most important, is WaChu earth around pile head, the naked eye looks must in any case lines). Rock is generally inclined, and drill contact position vertical, this position through the backfill pebble repeated impact drill, until the rock formation, how to judge, if down the rope swing bad that may be the case, prone to sticking, bit inclined backward.

7, BOSCH 2607336170 Power Tool Battery drilling the whole process control should be strict, but failure occurs also don't have to worry about, the reasonable choice of treatment, generally can be solved, the more common, edge foot punched, sloughing hole, slant hole, the hole, sticking, buried drill, hanging BOSCH 2607336170 2800mAh 18V Battery drill, etc., ahead of preventive measures will generally will not happen, personnel on duty the sense of responsibility is very important.

8, the rest hole cleaning, reinforced LongXia put, concrete pouring back cover is relatively routine, not much writing. But the bottom of the hole of the residue, sedimentary sand, etc must cycle clean up, or you will for later engineering buried great hidden trouble. Concrete pouring, in back cover concrete impact, residue will inclusion in steel or concrete is wrapped in the pile foundation caused by defects, and the other upper structure load transfer to the pile bottom, structure will definitely should be residue produced such as uneven settlement.

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