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Guided Meditation

Posted Mar 22 2010 12:00am
What is Guided Meditation?

A guided meditation is when your imagination is lead on a particular journey with the purpose of achieving healing and realizations through purposeful contemplation and reflection. You could have someone speak or read a guided meditation to you, listen to a professional on a CD or read your own onto a recorder and play it back to yourself. The idea is to let go of any thought you may have and allow your subconscious mind to follow the words that are spoken. Many people prefer guided meditation because even if you fall asleep you will still benefit from it subconsciously. A simple guided meditation will help you to achieve deep relaxation and release negative emotions or beliefs that are preventing you from being further enlightened. Source Used:

Photo by Anna Grove

When you first start using guided meditation you may not immediately feel the effects. However, over time you'll begin to relax, learn to clear your mind, and feel a sense of inner peace. After time, guided meditation will allow you to experience these feelings no matter where you are. This can be very helpful if you suffer from anxiety. In the beginning I thought of meditation as something that only "spiritual" people do. Meditation may not be for everyone; however, it doesn't hurt to give it a try. The two sources I use for my meditations are "Guided Meditations with Katie" along with the meditation session provided by Dr. Thomas A. Richards audio series "Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step."
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