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Gucci Outlet Online the face to the outside

Posted Jan 16 2013 8:26am
There are many types of lotion, and also different functions. Appropriate method for different types of make-up water, the effect will be more effective in the end how to do it? A light texture lotion, using cotton pad and wipe. Most of the lotion should be down on a piece of cotton and then smear the whole face. Because just by hand pat can not be completely moisture into the skin of. Before using a piece of cotton, should determine the direction of the palm of your hand on a piece of cotton on a piece of cotton fiber orientation should remain with finger vertical. Let the lotion to fully soak a piece of cotton, about each 3ml, Gucci Outlet fully soak a piece of cotton but not dripping degree. This time all cotton sheet covering the surface of the skin, but do not pat Application fingers gently press lotion fully attached to the skin. Finally, gently wipe the entire face, make-up water to penetrate the skin, accelerate the penetration can pat way. Second, Gel lotion, applied by hand directly. For thick or aromatic type makeup aquatic apply it by hand, and often more effective than a piece of cotton. The key is not to smear Pat, but like rubbing lotion on, use your fingers without missing skin lotion applied to the whole face. Pour in the palm of your hand, the size of a dollar coin Gel lotion applicator dipped, with the middle finger and ring finger of the pulp, extend the smear from the middle, to ensure that the whole face has a lotion, and then hand the product spread open. Relatively thin skin eye area, gently pressing on it. Finally, rub the palm of your hand to raise palm temperature, pressed facial skin lotion to accelerate and facilitate the penetration. Third, moisturizing lotion, lotion mask to promote infiltration. Moisturizing lotion is a lotion most common, the most suitable for dry skin crowd. Especially long-term in a case such as air conditioning, sun skin lotion containing hyaluronic acid and ceramide to lock the cell water depth within the skin and moisturize the cuticle. Most of moisturizing lotion texture is relatively thin, so it is suitable for use as a lotion mask to promote skin absorption. Fully soak a cotton pad with lotion, cotton pad vertical torn four were attached to the forehead, cheeks and chin mask care, 3-5 minutes. Whitening lotion, pay attention to whether the product is mild. Whitening lotion is added in conventional make-up water whitening efficacy of ingredients, such as VC, VE, amino acids, whitening plant extracts with other whitening products used together can achieve better whitening effect. But many whitening Gucci Outlet Store Online ingredients nature unstable and prone to skin allergies generation, in the selection of whitening lotion should pay attention to whether the product is mild and whether suitable for sensitive skin. Rub the palm of your hand to enhance the palm temperature, covering the whole face with the palm of your hand, palm temperature to improve the absorption intensity of. Convergence lotion to a cotton pad pat to astringent. The convergence of make-up water is the most suitable for oily skin crowd. The oil secretion is too strong relationship oily skin who tend to generate large pores troubled during guccioutletyd scrub, use the convergent makeup water to shrink pores. Mixed skin, and can only be used in oily T-zone convergence lotion, moisturizing lotion to use in other dry parts. Pat the skin to the wind to pass through to the skin to reduce the temperature of the surface of the skin, thus tightening pores. But relying solely on lotion Pat can not completely into the skin, need to be used together with the piece of cotton to achieve infiltration, penetration effect.
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