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Growth of market demand for mobile power pack

Posted Jan 10 2013 6:06am
With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the growing popularity of Portable mobile power pack portable digital devices. However, its built-in lithium battery life is less than more and more digital devices have become increasingly prominent. The emergence of mobile power just to solve this problem. Currently, Taobao, Jingdong major online shopping mall phone hot selling mobile power, various manufacturers have also entered the field of mobile power. Insiders predict that the next two years, the mobile power market growth rate will exceed 200%. Mobile power mobile power charger for iphone two years ago for most consumers is a strange term. In 2011, mobile power has become increasingly appear in people's lives. With the growing market of smart phones, MP3, MP4, PSP, digital cameras, video cameras and other mobile digital products, mobile power ushered in a good development period. According to the latest data of the Ministry of Industry, China's mobile phone users this year more than 10 million digital cameras and other electronics products close to 200 million users. Only be calculated according to 10% of Apple's market as well as its subsidiaries and related digital equipment, the moving power market in 2012 has been close to 50 million. Faced mobile power pack with such a huge market in recent years, domestic battery companies moving into the mobile power charging treasure field. It is understood that the second half of last year, only Shenzhen appeared in more than 1,000 enterprise to create a mobile power, mobile phone charging treasure. This year, the popularity of smart phones, Tablet PC, MID, DV, DC and other digital devices to further stimulate the rapid development of the mobile power industry, attracting a growing number of battery manufacturers began to get involved in this area. Currently, the major online mall brand mobile power over 1000, Taobao on mobile power the largest single Brightmoon sales reached more than 10,000. In the next two years, the mobile power industry to remain on a trend of rapid development, the market growth rate will be more than 200%. In addition, the mobile power industry is not relevant industry standards, driven by interests also appeared some chaos, therefore, the urgent need to introduce relevant industry standards.
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