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Griffin 16 + 8 + 4 at the bottom line is behind the ball down KO

Posted Jan 24 2013 3:22am
The clippers at home against thunder, the western conference war, however, due to the core Chris Paul because of a knee injury in the first half, the clippers out with Kevin durant and Russell - wes brooke binary continuous impact, how many appear some force is incompetent. Half-time, the clippers 45-49 behind. Paul absence, Blake griffin - start girder, he half to 16 points and eight rebounds and four assists a team-high, Paul avatars Eric - bligh line 7 points three assists, small Jordan 5 Cheap Nike Air Yeezy 2 points 6 rebounds and Lamar odom 6 points; Thunder side vess brook 12 points and four assists, Kevin durant and the barca are eight points, Martin 11 points. The clippers start is quite good, griffin, small Jordan, green and bligh line has take points, and thunder there two little hesitated to find feel, the clippers 12-4 start. The second half of the first quarter, the two teams started in conglutination war, but Martin in the first quarter final continuous two record a 3-pointer, and help the team at the end of the first quarter equalised. The second quarter began, Martin's offensive firepower is still not reduced, a three points a fast-break dunk, personal got 11 points, thunder on again - and keep the advantage. The second quarter on the last there are interesting scene. Thunder attack, durant left feet ball, the clippers butler defense, butler will durant force of the center of gravity be unsteady, passed the ball to flank of the barca. See attack time will come, the barca ball inside to kill, but when he shoot, butler and cast Cheap Nike Air Yeezy over him a slap in the face, the ball fan out, but the ball straight to the bottom line of the face, the referee dodge ball, not directly be knocked to the ground. Be worth what carry is, although the ball was hit it, but to sit down on the ground of the judges will also do not forget to advance the ball to make the gesture. This is wes block, as the thunder team two take charge of, durant side on the spectrum of scorer, this season's brooke cosco distance shot had great progress, although 33.9% shooting in many top pitchers also appears very poor before, but this is wes block 5 season high, just came into the league, wes block is a no brain shock worker, but along with the enhancement of the team, their own game experience is rich, he also realized as a point guard 3 degrees of importance, and this season, averaging out four times three points, hit 1.4 all is a career high, this is his first career Nike Air Yeezy 2 Shoes averaging hit a 3-pointer to reach 1 ball above. Of course at more of time, wes block or in his personal ability to attack the basket, Chris - Paul also can give him cause some trouble, today with the bligh rope, wes block is often a variable with ease to put each other defensive left behind, as the game a little bit of time to reduce, wes brooke still has made two free throws in a whole wonderful lens, thunder team in his and durant continuous unreasonable led scores have been kept around ten points lead, 109-97 win final victory. During the course of a game and a such details, wes block a transition defense clearance went to the clippers before the bench, and in western dress and leather shoes Paul chatted two sentences, Paul smiled response between the two, there seems to be a positive today can't play against the feeling of regret. Want to know the last time they play, wes block but had 23 points and nine assists let Paul 14 shots 2, today again in front of Paul away victory, but also consolidate the team first in the league position, wes brooke heart should be joy bloom now. "You don't often get a chance to like this, so you can use it as much as possible," handsome, said, "let the Cheap Nike Hyperdunk 2012 players to maintain health, strengthen the play some of our habits, etc." For the heat's rebound, bosh has been responsible for a lot of criticism, the past five games he averaged only 4.2 rebounds for the rockets, the last time rebounds in double or last December 30 dozen bucks things. Calculate has ten games without rebounds on the double. "Yes, who call me is big, the criticism is fair," bosh said. Handsome, continues to say, rebounding pressure can't just blame bosh, and should take by the team.
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