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Forest-Wolf and the Pacers undertake pre-season contests

Posted Oct 13 2012 6:08am
Forest-Wolf and the Pacers undertake pre-season contests, and in the end to a 84-70 victory over rivals, get first win of pre-season.Forest Wolf area, Roy comeback first show got 13 points 4 a rebounds, Milorad pekovic contribution 14 points 5 a rebounds, Chase-Ba Dingge replacement debut contribution 14 points, carefour got 12 points 8 a rebounds, Baria got 9 points 4 times assists, Derek-Williams 9 points, Kirilenko got 3 points 6 a rebounds 3 times steals; walkers area, Danny-Granger does not play, Paul-George got 16 points 6 a rebounds, Hibbert 5 points 4 a rebounds, Olympics Augustine, contribution 6 points.

This bondage up Hou, carefour lead bothering dribblers and became for forest Wolf first opened records, Gerrard-green breakthrough storm buckle also to color, two team thereafter into to wrapped around bucket State, in this section for to 7 points 56 seconds Shi, Roy breakthrough bothering dribblers and became, got comeback Hou first points, both you to I to, to Hibbert jump shot became Hou, two team war into 13 flat.Rely on sudden vote in combination take the initiative after the wolves, at the end of the first section, they temporarilynike air max 2011 australia   leading to 22-19.After the beginning of the section, rewrite 21-22 pandegelafu jump shot hit helped the Pacers score, Derek-Williams start's going ballistic, he first soared in the third, then storm buckles became, under his lead, wolves play mercury diarrhea attacks, Ba Dingge after three fouls in 3+1, Minnesota sent a wave of 9-0 to extend the lead to 10 points.Despite the pinli Pacers catch up, but poor, Barea hit after three minutes, wolves leading 46-34 George subsequently manufactured foul in both, half, Walker to 36-46 behind.

Second relocation, easily finger roll Roy Chase, wolves to extend the lead to 12 points, Hibbert and hansibulu in continuous manufacture ext threat, but Roy stood up against thenike air max light for sale opponents ' offensive, he first created a foul in both, then accurate hit the jump shot, helping wolves to hold leadership, Lok Fu, bothering dribblers hand, wolves leading 57-42.The two teams entered the stage of confrontation, Milorad pekovic both after a, section III game, wolves leading 69-51.In Granger lost the backbone of the case, Walker's attack some weakness.After the distal, Pacers passive situation has still not eased, Bali two penalties after all, wolves to extend the lead to 19 points, the game has lost its suspense, ultimately beat wolves to 84-70, pre-season made a good start.
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