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For high-end gamers

Posted Apr 08 2013 5:55am
All the devices can have strike rate and boost accidents residence randomly; remodeled under abilities induce the strike rate and boost accidents can induce certain results (such as great strike rate energy restoration, high-explosive damage improved easily hurt) damage and success capability of part makes plenty of these two features are almost mixed effect; And unique value of devices also need to modify, so that these two features play a key part like crit.

2, Also one of my most important point is that the strike rate and surge harmed two qualities can not be existing in the non-legendary devices at the same time. So let those gamers, who choose great strike ,feel very awesome on fluency and abilities trigger; Since great strike rate need more functions, then the gamer, who choose the great damage, just want to simple assault.

For high-end gamers, it is also a kind of satisfaction to research healthy strike rate and surge harmed qualities in a particular case. And limitations on non-legendary devices affixes happen at the same time, then the double qualities of the IAS boost accidents can be used as you will of some famous devices for style. At the end, I experience the residence of Gem decorated is out of balance very much. Plug is same as 110% of boost accidents.
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