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First aid medical personnel immediately

Posted Mar 02 2013 2:15am

tana to continue pushing Santana rushed to the the roadside street trees before coming to a halt. "After the fact, a large truck came down the 50-year-old coach and more than 20-year-old guy, and they are scared senseless, and did not speak." Tan Caiguang said.

The first save the car hero "

Tan Caiguang said, after the incident, was crushed Santana coach car 4 people were injured, nike free 4.0 v2 sale     trapped in the cab of the 21-year-old trainee Li Wenlin immediately coma.

Several witnesses hit 110,120 for help. Incident, over 40 kilometers away from Wanzhou District, from Long shazhen hospitals nearly 5 km, rescue workers unable to timely scene. Send the patient happens to be one of the Three Gorges Hospital nike free 5.0 v4 shoes    ambulance after the scene to stop.

3 wounded to the ambulance, which coaches clutching the hands of health care workers, said: "Let me hurry to save the car that the young man, he is a courageous hero last year moved Wanzhou.

First aid medical personnel immediately of Li Wenlin, hit their head, and do not have on-site first aid conditions. To make matters worse, he was stuck in the cab can not move. The Traffic Patrol soon arrived at the scene, to arrange crane nike free 5.0 v4 deconstruct   reinforcements quickly.

Half an hour after the incident, the crane arrived on the scene will be hanging from the large truck accident. Everyone pry open the cab to Li Wenlin rescued, but he has no breathing.

Rescued benefactor who is willing to take care of parents

That savior killed by Li Wenlin Yuan Fat Hong, Meiyuan Song rescued from the ponds, the afternoon before impatient the fire wind rushed Wanzhou funeral home. Far and wide to see the remains of Yuan Fat Hong could bear and the Lee family together Baotoutongku.

15:00 yesterday too, mother Tan Youping sitting on the couch as early no tears, brought his son, shivering. Yuan Faxiang held her hand and said: "Do not be too sad sister!"

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