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Finding Time For Being A Couple

Posted Dec 28 2010 9:09pm
I realize that the baby is our priority, but that doesn't mean hubby and I should put each other on the back burner. But even with this said I'm finding it extremely hard to squeeze in real quality time for the two of us. Sure we sit and relax in front of the television once the baby goes down for the night, but it doesn't feel like it used to. Then again, we would go out to dinner, visit the Hollywood Bowl, go watch sports games at our local bar, but now we can't really do any of that. I could, and have, asked family members to come and watch the baby while hubby and I go out for a quick bite to eat, but he and I would love to spend time with them too. Maybe I need to start rethinking how we do things nowadays. Instead of going out, we need to invest in quality time here at the house. It's hard to muster up enough energy and be completely into the moment when all I really want to do is lay my head down on a pillow and sleep. But, it will take my body some getting used to the new schedule. Besides, it's something to look forward to if you make it what you want it to be. I'd like to prepare a nice dinner, or have hubby bring something delicious home from one of our favorite restaurants. Then lights some candles and pop open a bottle of wine and play some light jazz in the background. Or for something a little more upbeat, rent a movie and a pizza, still open a bottle of really good red wine and give each other 20 minute back rubs. If you're lucky enough to get a sitter, make sure you go to a restaurant that you normally wouldn't go to with the baby or kids. What I'm trying to say is make it count, because who knows when the next time will be to be able to get away like that. There are plenty of opportunities to share a special moment with your loved one. What I think I'll do is print out a calendar each month and circle our date-night, that way neither one of us forget and it gives us something to look forward to. Yay, I'm excited!!

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