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Fat Analyzer

Posted Jul 09 2010 9:18pm

Fat Analyzer

Prevention is the key to healthy living, from annual physicals at your doctor's office to avoiding harmful habits like smoking or eating less nutritious food products.  For many people, body weight has been a main indicator of overall health, but with modern scientific discoveries in the area of health and fitness this has come to be understood as only one in a combination of health measurements.  Body fat percentage is actually a more accurate indicator of overall bodily health then weight alone.  With advances in technology, electronic body fat scales are great tools for gauging your body fat percentage to stay trim and healthy al the time.

Electronic body fat scales work on the concept of bioelectric impedance.  A very low level painless electronic pulse is passed through the body, and the analyzing device measures the rate of delay as the electricity leaves and returns to the analyzer itself.  Since electricity passes much easier through body fat than through other tissues like bone or muscle, an electronic body fat scale is able to obtain a measurement based on how easily and quickly electricity passes through the body.  Other factors that help with obtaining and accurate measurement are things like age, height, gender, level of daily activity, etc.  You enter this information into the device and it gets stored so the information can be used each time you go for a measurement.

There are various other methods and devices for taking measurements of your present body fat.  Some of are fairly inconvenient and a bit expensive, such as the water displacement method.  Others are not very accurate, such as the body tape test.  There are stand-alone body fat analyzers, mostly hand-held devices that are good for quick readings.  Electronic body fat scales are more convenient than these other measuring techniques and devices because you can get your reading while at the same time getting your body weight measurement.  The analyzer is built right into the scale with metal contact pads built into the foot areas.  Most scales today have the ability to also measure things like bone density and water percentage in the body as well.

Contrary to common perceptions, fat is not a bad thing.  In fact your body needs a certain level of the stuff in order to survive, and at certain extremes your body may even consume muscle when fat reserves get too low in the body.  If you are only tracking your overall weight, the scale can be very discouraging at times, especially if you are on a fitness program and it seems as though your weight is at a standstill.  It is important to realize that fat weighs a great deal less than muscle, so it likely you may be dropping fat while putting on muscle. This is a very good thing – most importantly for your health but also for those other reasons you wanted to get fit in the first place.  If you are presently on a fitness or diet program, pay attention to how you clothes fit you and use an electronic scale to obtain regular accurate body fat readings.

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