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f you enjoy the esteemed pleasure of being one of the few selected in

Posted Jul 19 2010 1:50am

If you enjoy the esteemed pleasure of being one of the few selected in the need for corrective lenses, you may want to consider asking about a new type of lens on your next visit to the optometrist. Disposable contact ugg classic short lenses offer a simple risk, super cheap and convenient alternative to more traditional contacts.

Of course, disposable are pros and cons and are not perfect for everyone. Your doctor can tell if you are a candidate in good shape, but before you bring it up, take a moment to learn more about this new and exciting vision correction.

How they work?

Disposable contact lenses are some of the easiest ways to correct poor vision. Simply open a new set of lenses every morning or every time you wear contact lenses, wear them during the day normally, and dispose of them at night before going to bed. It's as simple as that! The contacts work the same way they do other lens, providing correction of poor vision, but can only be used for a single day.

Disposable contact lenses are the choice in reality many eye care professionals "for north face outlet contacts first. They offer one of the most risk-free experience, no pain to those who need corrective lenses.

Reducing the risk of infection - One of the most common problems users of extended wear contact lenses run in eye infection. When the contacts are held in the eyes of a continuous or not cleaned properly, they accumulate the proteins produced by the eye, among other undesirable materials such as dirt and dust. This may lead initially to blurred vision, but may in some cases, progress to a full blown infection.

No cleaning required - Perhaps the most convenient feature disposable contact lenses is the elimination of the tedious routine cleaning and storage. The last thing most people want is another mundane task before bed. When you opt for

disposable, you can just throw your lenses away at night and start again with a new pair in the morning.

Incredible comfort - disposable lenses have the advantage of very positive that "fresh" feeling box every morning. Even the best care for extended wear contacts can pick up tiny particles that give replica cartier watches rise to a feeling a little stale in the eye. This is never a problem when you are always using brand new contacts.

Cost-effective - Although he buys more contacts, you never have to spend money on cleaning solutions or methods of storage. Disposable lenses are also cheaper than regular lenses, and which need not be as durable or long-term sustainable.


Of course, disposable lenses can have its drawbacks. An inevitable and troublesome issue that arises with waste disposable lenses increases. Thus, this type of lens is not the most friendly environment to enjoy optimal vision and eye health.

Since disposable contact lenses are designed only for use one day, are among soft contact lenses more fragile in the market. Mishandling may result in breakage and excessive use can cause damage quickly, as when the lens comes into contact with dirt or other tiny particles that cause friction.

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